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HCI on Mobile Devices



The objective of this project is the study of methods and tools for the development of new forms of interactions for pen based systems (sketching), with applications to text entry on mobile devices.
In particular, we have proposed a new text entry approach based on soft keyboards and a study on its expected performances. The basic idea of the approach is to enhance the keyboard with a menu whose items (characters) can be selected more than once through a single pointer (pen, finger, etc.) stroke, in order to enter particularly frequent text patterns. The gesture to enter these patterns is similar to that used for Cirrin. Furthermore, using well-established methods for measuring the time required for performing simple interactions with pointers on touchscreens, we have evaluated the expected performances of our method. The results, obtained through a text entry simulation, are encouraging with respect to those measured for previous approaches based on menu-augmented keyboard.


In February - March 2010 we lead an experiment in order to test the speed and accuracy of users when using our new text-entry method. The experiment involved a software keyboard implemented on a Sympodium tablet. Results will be soon presented at a CHI Workshop next April. The experiment involved 6 students from our University (and not only from Computer Science) which we want to thank for their patience and also for their enthusiasm:
Giovanni Mastroianni
Angelica Chiaviello
Marco Ruggiero
Antonio Liguori
Domenico Depalo
Nicola Gravino 
Well,  they will also receive an ipod, thanks to our sponsor Unlimited Software.


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